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Sustainable development

Resource security

While they play such a fundamental role in our everyday quality of life, it is a sad fact that the UK’s deposits of silica sand will not last forever.

They are finite resources that occur only where the geology, dictated by events millions of years ago, is just right. It is therefore the silica sand industry’s responsibility to make sure that these precious resources are used responsibly.

That’s why the production of high quality silica sand is geared towards the consuming industries that demand products of consistently high specification.

Resource and energy efficiency

Furthermore, operators of silica sand quarries seek to minimise their energy use, reduce their carbon footprint, minimise their use of water, minimise the generation of waste and ensure its responsible disposal.

They maximise efficiency by investing in the latest mineral processing techniques, such as the use of new electromagnetic technology to reduce the iron content of glass sands. New invertor technology is used in motors to allow their speed to be controlled more efficiently, reducing power consumption to a minimum.

Computerised monitoring of the use of quarry mobile plant helps the industry to minimise idling time and enhance the productivity of each machine driver by minimising aggressive acceleration and harsh braking.

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