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Ultra high purity silica sand is an essential material for the hydraulic fracturing process. In an environment of immense temperatures and pressures inside a well, it provides a hard wearing, durable matrix through which gas and liquids can flow.

Key qualities of frac sand include:
  • Ultra high purity silica sand, with no clay, silt, debris or other contaminants
  • Highly rounded sand grains, which will consolidate but not compact, in order to leave interstitial spaces (gaps through which gas and liquids can flow)
  • Highly specific, carefully controlled particle size grading

The quality of the base material, provided to us by nature, is critical. We need silica sand grains that are naturally rounded and robust. Once we have the right silica sand deposit, frac sand is produced by wet processing, using water to remove silts, fines and clays and make the sand grains ultra clean.

The sand is then dried and carefully screened to achieve the particle size grading necessary for use in the well. A multitude of gradings are available to supply different applications.

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